7 Funny breakfast food pics


Funny breakfast food ideas.

Funy Pics

Cow Face toast

Cute ideas

We know that it can be difficult for parents to get their children to finish their meals or eat new things. The best way to get their attention with food is to get a bit creative and come up with faces, cartoon characters or anything fun that you can create with your food. It doesn’t need to be too complicated.

Cute pancakes
Strawberry kitty pancakes

As simple as this cute “kitty pancakes” (Or is it a fox?) Healthy simple and delicious. Blueberries, raspberries & strawberries with a yummy pancake… top it with whip cream.

Dog excited for pancakes
Dog loves pancakes

Did somebody say pancakes?

Starbucks breakfast funny
Starbucks breakfast fail


Sometimes advertised products are a bit far from reality as we see on this “flattened” egg breakfast sandwich at Starbucks.

Still looks delicious to me :p

Owl eggs shape

Want to turn up a notch the morning fu at home? Get several of these egg molds / shapers, you can find them in different shapes and faces, great idea for fun breakfasts for kids.

Funny avocado face

No jelly, no problem. less sweetness, more healthiness. We also feel bad for this poor avocado who didn’t survive breakfast… but it’s just so irresistibly delicious!

Not to mention, nutritious.

How often do you eat avocados?

Happy cute toast face
Cute happy toast

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